A free and efficient subtitle creator and editor for your AVI video files
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SubSync is a free efficient tool to add, edit, and play subtitles mainly for your AVI files, though it also supports other video formats, such as ASF, MOV, and MPG. It helps you synchronize existing subtitles, or edit them by adding new ones and deleting redundant text. You can split a subtitle file in parts to fit split video files, and you can always check the results in its built-in WM-based viewer.

You can always use SubSync as a subtitle converter by opening any SRT, SUB (and other MicroDVD extensions), or SMI subtitle file and saving it in a different format. By supporting Microsoft’s SAMI tagged files (SMI), you will be able to convert your subtitle files to this format and watch your captioned videos using Windows Media Player.

Adding new subtitles is a very simple operation – just write the line, and then play your video and keep pressed a key of your choice for as long as you wish that line to be displayed. Synchronizing imported subtitles is also a very flexible operation, as you do not need to always synchronize the whole file. When out-of-sync subtitles appear only in parts of the video file, you can select those and apply a specific correcting factor that will not affect to the rest of the text.

You can edit and alter the text of any subtitle in any way you need, making it also very suitable for translating subtitle files.

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